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Novus - The Glass Restoration Specialist

NOVUS™ has been a worldwide leader in glass restoration for more than 20 years.
The SRP™ Glass Restoration System quickly and easily restores many types of damaged glass and saves time,
money and hassle that accompanies glass replacement.
The SRP™ Finer and Polisher System is engineered to remove scratches from virtually any type of glass. The system uses a vacuum process to hold the machine onto the glass and provides a continuous flow of slurry through the system. The flow of slurry provides a continual source of new abrasives and keeps the glass cool allowing polishing speeds of 6,000 rpms.
The SRP™ Finer removes aggressive damage by using a more aggressive abrasive mixture and a metal fining disc. The SRP™ Finer System removes a deeper section of the glass and feathers out the scratches or damage in the surface. The SRP™ Polisher then polishes out the area treated by the SRP™ Finer giving the glass a like new sheen. The SRP™ Polisher can also be used alone to remove light scratches, hard water and mineral stains, and acid etching.


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