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We deliver training using a number of formats, such as on-line training - through Human Focus,  one to one individual sessions using either our own operational management team or specialist external training providers in accordance with the awards body BICS (The British Institute of Cleaning Science).

Human Focus provides web based training in many different languages on a wide range of relevant topics to include Health & Safety Compliance, Risk Management, Manual Handling to basic first aid. With over 170 courses available to our staff they can gain a greater understanding and knowledge of other skills and disciplines which will help them in their role in Ailesbury Services.
Using external providers we are able to deliver one to one coaching and training to BICS CPSS (Cleaning Professional Skill Suite Certificate) Levels. 
Thus ensuring our clients are provided with a fully trained team of staff who are educated with the skills, knowledge and understanding of the activities that they perform.
An annual training plan will be created for the each member of staff using a mixture of self-delivered and external providers delivered on site to the cleaning, security and supervisory management teams. The training plan will cover subject and course content and will be updated throughout the year detailing attendees and pass rate information. 
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