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Accredited now with the latest quality standard ISO 9001:2015 Ailesbury Services is a leading independent cleaning and security company working with a wide range of high profile organisations. Client satisfaction and contract retention is the key to our success and we always strive to improve the services we offer.

As an innovative organisation with a proven track record for embracing new technology, we issue all of our Operational Management with smart phones’ and Crimson Tide Mpro 5 auditing software to monitor the performance of our contracts. This software has revolutionised our operations, enabling our Account Management with our customers to audit / score and comment on our service. This information is transmitted in real time to our senior management as well as the client.

Our Operational Management team continually assess our cleaning standards performance using Crimson Tide Mpro 5 quality monitoring software which has been tailored specifically for our business for the monitoring and data capture of cleaning standards.

Naturally, inspections and visual checks by the site management and supervisory staff would formulate the basis of our quality monitoring programme and the formalised system described above would be undertaken on a monthly basis. Joint auditing takes place between the client and the Area / Operations Manager, and at the end of the Audit the client can verify the Audit by electronically signing the screen. Reports can then be tailored to a number of formats providing the manager and client alike with useful information and performance scores.

These quality monitoring procedures are directly related to agreed service level agreements. We believe this greatly reduces the subjectiveness of determining whether an area is clean or not. Enabling the premises to be separated into measurable areas and then in turn the measurable areas to be broken down still further into individual tasks and to the standard they have been performed. This seems a logical way of measuring the standard of quality delivered. We are always very happy to work alongside our clients to develop this system in line with your bespoke requirements.

All of our contracts are monitored to the highest standards ensuring our operations are fully accountable and performance managed within a transparent client focussed organisation.

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