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Ailesbury Services are passionate about the environment, and we take our responsibilities very seriously. We understand that our actions today could have a detrimental impact for tomorrow's generation. We believe that managing environmental issues should involve everybody, as well as recognising our operations can have an impact on the environment. We are committed to continuous improvements in our environmental performance, specifically the reduction of carbon emissions as a result of carrying out our daily business.


We are focused on providing our clients with service solutions that are environmentally friendly and harness leading edge technology and innovation to drive up productivity and cost efficiency. Through innovation we can apply new working practices which deliver more than aesthetically pleasing working environments.


We are continually identifying new ideas, products and methods. The company continues to make significant investment in this area to ensure we have trendsetting tried and tested solutions which assist our clients in achieving their business goals. Demonstrated with the switch to EU-Ecolabel products only in January 2020 for all our sites.


In recognising that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of everyone’s strategy – government, society or company, it is incumbent on us to play our part to demonstrate our commitment to reduce the environmental impact whilst delivering our services. We believe that environmental protection is a strategic business issue and an integral part of our corporate strategy in operating a business services company.


We are making a tangible and demonstrable impact on ethical employment, sustainable procurement, and corporate social responsibility, through the way we conduct our business and in the support, we provide to our customers – which we believe supports our commitment to the environment and fair-trade ethics.


We are dedicated to continuous improvements in our environmental performance in every aspect of our operations, specifically in the reduction of plastics and packaging. In the future we will see considerable reductions in the use of single-use plastics from our supply chain. The cleaning products we use are responsibly selected for their biodegradable and environmental qualities and conform to the EU Ecolabel for environmental excellence.


In January 2020 we introduced a new range of cleaning products all of which will enable us to have 100% compliance with the EU Ecolabel. The environmental criteria behind this classification is that only the best products which are kindest to the environment are entitled to carry the EU Ecolabel. We are the first company in Ireland to introduce these products manufactured in Belgium by Pollet.


Accredited with the latest Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2015 we will continue to champion environmental awareness in all that we do within our business

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