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Management Systems » Health & Safety

Ailesbury Services is committed to the health and safety of our employees and anybody affected by our work or presence on site. We are accredited to OHSAS 18001:2007 and are aware of our legal obligations and that failure to meet the requirements of the law could have serious consequences for us, whether an accident takes place or not. We know that it is our responsibility to take care of our staff and to make sure they work safely and we take this moral and legal responsibility very seriously.

Providing a safe and healthy working environment for not only our staff but for all personnel, who come in contact with our operations, is our highest priority. Risk Assessments are conducted by our Operations Management team, who are responsible for evaluating the risks to health and taking the actions needed to remove or reduce those risks.

All Ailesbury Services employees have access to a folder / manual at site level, which contains the safety data sheets for all chemicals used. Listed on each data sheet is information concerning work practises, these are a basic quick glance list of instructions on the Health & Safety precautions, instructions on use, storage and disposal notes. This manual contains written and visual method statements, for every task carried out within the cleaning operation.

Our Operations Management team and site supervisors manage the day-to-day Health & Safety issues, ensuring all Ailesbury Services employees work in a safe manner whilst performing and carrying out their duties. With each site having a nominated ‘competent person' and or a qualified First Aider we can embrace and promote high Health & Safety standards throughout our company and our operations.

We continually monitor our performance and any trends at regular Health & Safety meetings, where we have been able to prevent and minimise site accidents involving personnel, thus producing a safer working environment.


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