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Office Cleaning by the professionals

Selecting a new cleaning contractor is an important, and often a difficult decision.  As the client you must have the confidence that a contractor can perform the duties required of them efficiently and effectively.  After all, if you are going to change supplier, you want it to be for the better.


At Ailesbury Services we pride ourselves on offering a flexible, efficient office cleaning service which meets the ever changing needs of our clients.  We are able to clean one office, multiple offices or an office complex, quickly, effectively and to an exceptionally high standard.


We will agree with you a detailed cleaning specification which sets out the cleaning tasks that should take place and their frequency. Your site will also be supplied with an IMS Manual for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. All our employees are trained to the highest standard; fully reference checked and will be smartly attired in our branded uniforms, to make the best impression to your staff and visitors. We will provide you with cleaning teams and housekeeping services throughout the day; in order to keep your premises clean, smart and hygienic, reflecting the investment that you have made for your staff and visitors.


We have one of the lowest contracts to managers’ ratios in the business, so that our managers have the time to visit all their clients regularly, to check on the cleaning standards and that all the work is being done safely.


We utilise the latest technology for communication and quality monitoring – all our managers are contactable by mobile, e –mail and we use our bespoke auditing software to record our performance.


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