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The Zero Reach & Wash system represents a leap forward in  pure-water cleaning. With several unique technologies, it is simply the most advanced system available.

With an impressive 8-stages of water treatment and automated tech including PFS™, ROMS™ & PDI™, the Zero™ represents the very best system for your window cleaning business. Cleaning with 18meg-ohm (0PPB) water is a breeze, powering through years of baked on dirt and the dulling effects of pollution on glass. Whether its an initial clean or a reduced frequency clean, the Zero™ is the system of choice to deliver spot free results in the shortest time. (Pure water production up to 6 litre’s per min dependent upon mains water supply)




The V4™ has undergone a complete ground up revision resulting in an impressive 10% weight reduction for improved payload capacity as well as a 100mm lower centre of gravity for improved vehicle handling.
In addition the V4™ boasts tech options to improve filter performance, RO membrane life and water quality.
With new tech such as periodic auto-flush, ROMS™ and PDI™, V4™ water quality moves into the sub zero ppm range. 




Yes! It’s back by popular demand, and due to constant requests from satisfied customers for more of the ‘Pro’ Systems that still serve them well.
We’ve re-vamped the design and added upto-date features but essentially it’s the same Hydro-power machine that we produced for over a decade. Ionic Systems Linear™ range features the industry’s biggest, long life 30inch x 4 (Carbon, Sediment, RO, DI) linear filters that partially self-drain to resist damage from freezing.
On the Linear™, there is a no tools required filter change facility, simply disconnect the hose fittings and lift  the filter out for quick and easy replacement. Due to being Hydro-powered no electric hook up is required for filling, all that is required is a mains water supply of at least 50psi.

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