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Hydra lightweight poles with the Grafter head



The all new lightweight HydraTM is the latest

in our waterfed pole range with features to enhance

your work experience and reduce time on the job have

been included.











In an effort to simplify Ionic’s waterfed pole range, we have launched a new lightweight but strong pole platform that window cleaners can configure based upon their specific needs. Therefore just like the mythical Greek serpent Ionic’s new HydraTM pole is available with a number of familiar head options, including the Hydra Grafter Head. This Hydra Grafter Head is suited mainly for residential cleaning, it comes as standard with a non-curling monofilament nylon bristle brush and adjustable angle crank.

When you pick up the new HydraTM pole the first thing you notice is just how light it is. Ionic has really focused on weight reduction and have reduced the wall thickness of every pole section, resulting in significant weight savings, and maintained rigidity. Narrower handles provide a more comfortable grip.

In order to achieve our lightest ever pole, every component came under scrutiny with weight savings being made on nearly every part, from clamps to levers.

The second thing you notice are the new clamps on the HydraTM pole, with slick one finger operation and adjustment these clamps feature patent pending spring assisted release to reduce tube section wear. In addition, the clamps are carefully crafted to ensure tight closure time after time year after year. Any used Ionic pole can be upgraded to have these latest clamps. Check out the pole restoration video on the videos page.

The final thing you notice is that every HydraTM pole comes standard with Ionic’s unique Protector handle. The only waterfed pole to meet the British Standard for electrical safety is now available to you at no extra cost. It seems that there is barely a month that goes by without news of a window cleaner electrocuted at work. Whilst safer than ladders Ionic believe that waterfed poles should be a no-risk alternative. For safety’s sake choose the new light weight HydraTM that won’t light you up or lighten your pocket!



Minimum fly lead length required for Hydra :

17ft – 7m 21ft – 7m 24ft – 10m 25ft – 10m 28ft – 10m 30ft – 10m 32ft – 16m

35ft – 16m 40ft – 16m 45ft – 16m 55ft – 22m 65ft – 22m 80ft – 26m

Weight (Inc lightest Brush) :

Glass Fibre:
Hydra GF 17: 1.38kg // Hydra GF 21: 1.70kg // Hydra GF 24: 2.03kg // Hydra GF 28: 2.38kg // Hydra GF 32: 2.77kg //

Carbon Fibre:
Hydra CF 21: 1.46kg // Hydra CF 24: 1.71kg // Hydra CF 28: 1.95kg // Hydra CF 32: 2.21kg // Hydra CF 35: 2.27kg // Hydra CF 40: 2.58kg // Hydra CF 45/6.3: 2.94kg // Hydra CF 45/7.3: 3.36kg // Hydra CF 55: 4.41kg // Hydra CF 65: 5.51kg // Hydra CFP 80: 8.59kg // *Please note CFP Poles weigh the same as the equivalent size CF Pole.

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