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Cleaning within an industrial environment requires a different set of skills and abilities to the office environments which are the staple fare for most contract cleaning companies.  Heavy duty machinery and specialist equipment may feature strongly, and extensive training is often required to ensure safe working practices within hazardous environments. Ailesbury Services has its own Industrial Cleaning Team of trained and experienced operatives.

We will ensure that you benefit from:

  • The right equipment and materials
  • Thorough Safety Assessments & Controls
  • Pro-active management

Ailesbury Services, industrial & manufacturing cleaning team are familiar with working in many different premises, ranging from engineering works, distribution centres and food manufacturing plants, to pharmaceutical and clean room environments.  This experience allows us to call on a wealth of knowledge, available in-house, to undertake a wide range of cleaning tasks within technically demanding areas.

This experience means our operational management and health & safety systems are highly developed and well able to deliver the most stringent of hygiene & cleaning standards, whatever the constraints.

We understand the commercial realities; cleaning services, whilst vital, still have to fit around the production or distribution schedules.  Our management team will work with you to ensure the optimum cleaning results are achieved without causing any disruption to your own processes.

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